Is it okay to get another pet dog after the loss of a beloved pet dog.

Pet dogs are just another family member, very dear to their parents and siblings alike. What makes them the most cared for member is the fact that they’re totally dependent on us for everything. Making them, an integral part of the daily routine of each member of the family. Be it them calling dibs on your side of the bed, following you everywhere around the house like a shadow, fetching your newspaper or declaring your feet as their pillow while you watch TV. And when the pet dogs cross the rainbow bridge, they leave a big void in every member’s day to day life as each of us miss our sacred daily routine with them.

We never truly move on from the loss of our pets. Not only do we not want to experience that sense of loss and pain again, we also feel a sense of guilt replacing the most adored member with another one. But what we need to understand is that we’re not replacing them. This new pup in fact is another chance to relive the memories, the love and the naughtiness of our late pet dog. Pet dogs teach us a kind of unconditional love unknown to humans. And bringing home a new pup is our chance to grow this love further. It is the most unfortunate thing that dogs don’t live as long as we humans do. But maybe that’s because we’re supposed to love and be home to more than just one dog in our lifetime.