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Mounting this campaign in the name of my sweet puppy Leia against her tormenters at Professional K9s has been taxing, both emotionally and financially. Website development costs, hosting expenses, as well as civil litigation costs have proven substantial. We see this as our burden to carry, not just in memory of my baby, but as a responsibility to do everything in our power to make sure that she does not have the chance to harm another animal. This company has operated with impunity for far too long. We see it as our mission to shut down Professional K9s and make sure that the owner is forbidden from working with animals ever again. Our next step is putting up billboards warning others of the danger of this organization, but doing so requires funding.

If you can help in any way, big or small, and feel moved to do so, then please visit our GoFundMe page. Any donations received will be used to cover the above-mentioned costs. Any excess funds received will be donated to ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

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Obedience Training
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Behavioral Training
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Service Training


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Our goal is to prevent this from ever happening again! 

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About Leia

About Leia


Leia was a radiant beam of sunshine. She was my best friend. She was a silly dog who knew how to make me laugh. She had so much energy for such a small pup.
Whenever I had a tough day, Leia was there to cheer me up. She had an overbite which made her look goofy, but it also made her special. Leia was my family. She will forever live in my heart

Benefits of Canine Training

Benefits of Canine Training


Proper protection canine training offers a wide range of benefits not only for the individual dog but also for its handler, immediate environment, and the broader community. Protection dogs are more than mere watchdogs; they are trained to protect property, individuals, and sometimes even entire facilities. However, this multifaceted task requires an effective, humane, and considerate training approach that respects the canine's psychological well-being and ensures a confident and happy demeanor.

Protection canines require a particular set of traits

Protection canines require a particular set of traits


Protection canines require a particular set of traits to excel in their role. The perfect candidate would be courageous, intelligent, obedient, loyal, and healthy. A balanced temperament is also essential, as protection dogs need to distinguish between normal and threatening situations. Good socialization skills are crucial to prevent undue aggression towards friendly strangers or other animals. Physically, the dog should be of a size and build that would be intimidating to potential intruders, while also being agile and sturdy enough to endure rigorous training and perform the necessary protective tasks.

Similarities and Overlaps in Canine Training

Similarities and Overlaps in Canine Training


While there are many similarities and overlaps in the roles of family canines and protection canines, there are also fundamental differences in their training, temperament, and function within a household. Both can potentially fit within a family setting, but the degree and nature of their integration can vary significantly.

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Caroleen Keegan

My heart goes out to you guys! I can't imagine how you must feel, guilt, sadness, you couldn't have known. Hope you get justince for your puppy. 

Lynda Gallagher



This should have NEVER occurred! I'm so sorry for your loss!! I hope you're taking her to court! 

Mimi's World

I'm so very sorry! I hope charges have been brought forward for his training facility as well as trainers.


I'm so sorry such a beautiful fur baby. My heart broke reading this. A good trainer would recognize signs of dehydration. Justice for your baby.


So sorry, I take mine to a trainer too. I want to keep an eye on her training so she's okay. 

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If you have any information concerning in-humane animal practices that you witnessed Emma Tabei from Professional K9s participating in, then please send us an email at We will get your story to either the Detective in charge or the Assistant District Attorney heading up the case.

If you just want to tell us your story about your pup or, even, offer your condolences, then please use this same link. We would love to hear from you.

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