Everything to Know Before Teaching Your Dog

Potty Training: Everything to Know Before Teaching Your Dog

House training, especially potty training for the puppy or doggo, needs a lot of patience and commitment. Yes, accidents are inevitable to occur during the process. But as a new pet parent, you must not lose your hope. Follow these basic training guidelines to make your family's newest member learn and succeed.

Establishing a Routine: What Should You Consider?

Puppies perform their roles best when given a regular routine. A schedule helps them learn more about the time to eat, play, and do their things accordingly. When they are young, puppies can control their bladders for about an hour or so. But you should go longer than this particular time because that might mess things up completely. Perform the following things to make the endeavor easy and seamless for them:

Take Them Outside

Bring them to the garden for about two hours at least. Or you can take them out immediately after you wake up. Set a time when you and your puppy wake up together.

Choose A Washroom Spot

Who said you need to take your puppy to the yard every time they want to pee or poo? It is vital to make them understand the role of washrooms inside your house. You can use a specific phrase or word to remind them about the time they need to use the toilet.

Using Treats When they Use the Washroom Correctly or Go Outside on their Own

Giving treats is an appreciation from the pet parent's end, which holds real value to the pet. They learn things only when you teach them in the right ways. And if they gradually understand your house training, you don't have to remind them for visiting the washroom or going outside the yard for the purpose. And every time they do so, you should appreciate their behavior by offering them a treat.

Devoting your pup to a regular feeding session

Based on their age, you must feed them at least twice or thrice each day. Feed them at frequent intervals so that they don't face any problems eliminating them at consistent times.
This makes house training a lot more seamless and fun for both.

Select their Water Dish

It is imperative to choose their water dish for one to two hours before their bedtime. This will mitigate the chances of eliminating waste at night. Note that most puppies sleep for around seven to eight hours without a biobreak.

If your dog wakes up in the middle of the night, you must never make a deal out of it.

Otherwise, they think it is perfect playing time, and as a result, they won't go off to bed again. So, as a responsible pet parent, it is your responsibility to switch on the lights and take them out to the spot instead of talking or playing with them.

If you allow your dog to follow these routines, they will surely not have any issues with their house training.